Examples of courseware

Our viewpoint on recent educational technologies can be described by sentence "computers go away from e-learning". This is valid because the most part of people treat activity connected with computer as "more working" then, for example, viewing video courses on TV. It is essential that in our days ordinary DVD players and PDAs possess sufficient power and interactive capabilities to organize effective learning process. Polybook Multimedia tries to develop educational books and multimedia e-courses according to principle of "background learning". This principle deals with organizing the learning process in such a manner to enable students assume it as "less work" and "more rest".

Yes, nowadayse-learning technologies widely use computer as instrument for school, Universities and software education as well as additional training of different kinds. But in most cases computer learning can be easily transferred, without significant decrease of efficiency, into other forms that the great part of people assumes that TV-, DVD-, PDA-based activity are "less" work than the same computer-based work. Consequently the efficiency of DVD-learning is approximately the same as computer-based learning efficiency while the DVD-learning suggests additional possibility for increase of working time. In this connection we represent a series of e-learning products for DVD- and PDA- devices developed with help of vector animation (based on Adobe Flash technology) and DV (digital video) processing. The appropriate scientific approach and qualitative estimates you can find in our report "Fuzzy" organizing work and training process.

Several examples cover our general direction in publishing : software education products and University e-courses in mathematics, physics and computer science:

You can find more information in brief catalog and Russian catalogs of books and DVDs.


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